IPv6 BGP Operational Report from Hurricane Electric
Latest snapshot of the IPv6 BGP table
Thu SEP 18 2014, h.06:05

Route summary
Best/Total routes: 18616/ 18631

Number of ASs in table: 7587/7587
(within active routes/within total routes)
Among the ASs in active routes
originating only ASs: 6104
originating/transit ASs: 1361
transit only ASs: 122
private AS numbers: 5
reserved AS numbers: 1

Number of active AS paths: 8772

Number of active peers: 2206

AS distance
  Crossed ASs    Prefixes    Perc.  
 4 456 2%
>4  57 0%
Average: 1.97 crossed ASs

Graphic display of: Prefix analysis(*):
(*) Excluding prefixes with local origin (no associated AS paths).

Routing stability analysis during the last 24 hours for:

This page has been produced using the ASpath-tree tool (v.4.2), developed at Telecom Italia Lab (formerly CSELT).
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